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Urls & Ajax-Powered Websites

In the early days of web development, most web sites where made up of complete HTML pages that had to be loaded and reloaded every time a request was made. This system is not very efficient as all data must be resent every time a small change is made which, in turn, affects the user experience and can increase bandwidth use and server load.

Tools for Cloud Development with Amazon EC2 Hosting

I am not a fan buzzwords, particularly those corporate buzzwords which weasle their way into the business culture to become the jargon-mantras of mediocrity. So I've looked with a dubious eye at the hype surrounding Cloud Computing. But now that I have had a chance to spend some time with it in developing a cloud web app on Amazon Elastic Cloud Compute, I must confess that this stuff is really exciting.

MySQL’s Untapped Functionality

MySQL has long been the most popular open-source database solution for web designers. It is free, fast, stable, and widely supported. Until version 5.1 was released, MySQL's feature set was quite limited compared to the "big dogs" in the database industry, including Oracle, DB2, and MS SQL Server. Many of the new version 5+ features enable MySQL databases to operate more independently than before, because the database itself can process and validate data, rather than relying on outside software.