Mobium Creative Group

Mobium Creative Group are experts on the business-to-business advertising space. They understand how to leverage changng conditions to create stronger brands and larger market share for top-tier clients. Helping their prospective clients to understand the difference between effective marketing communications and ho-hum business as usual is an essential part of growing their business.

To achieve that, Mobium decided to create a 'side-door' email campaign to gently offer friendly advice to business marketers while simultaneosly drawing them into the existing Mobium site's extensive library of information on integrated business branding.

Higher Media suggested the creation of, a sister website dedicated to achieving the side-door goals. We produced a series of 30+ video interviews with Mobium's principals, allowing them to share their thoughts on successful business branding. Higher Media provided talking point outlines, on-camera coaching, and multi-camera editing to help Mobium's experts perform confidently on screen. The resulting short clips are delivered by streaming video in a custom youtube-like player. To encourage prospects to delve deeper into a web of expert advice, we developed an animated Flash interface for navigating related videos. In addition, a database tagging system allowed us to connect related pages from Mobium's original website to relevant videos at

HigherMedia then delivered all this to prospects through an extensive monthly email campaign, coupled with comprehensive analytics to track prospects through their activity on the site. To save time from Mobium's busy schedule, we provided draft copy writing in their company voice as part of our campaign solution.