Habana House

The Habana House e-store needed to be engineered to satisfy both expert and novice cigar smokers. Experts who usually know what they are looking for want advanced search tools to navigate habana's vast collection by brand, size, strength, nationality, and other cigar characteristics. To embrace casual smokers or gift-givers the site points them in the right direction. We achieved a balance through powerful but compact usable forms, and pages including "recommended cigars" for gift givers and cigar newbies.

What makes the Habana House brand successful is the way it celebrates the male camaraderie and humor that often accompany cigar smoking. One of the Web 2.0 pages we built was the "Ash Hall of Fame," a page where visitors submit photos of their cigar ashes.

Instead of going with a one-size-fits-all shopping cart solution, Higher Media provided a customized solution built around cigar products. The administrative area saves the store managers time by managing information in a way that is specific to cigar products and inventories.

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