Egan-Jones Rating Co.

Egan-Jones clients, like most investors, want fast and painless access to pertinent information. Their website therefore needed to satisfy a wide range of investors. Some clients want to delve into numbers and cross reference financial data using advanced tools. Some don't have the time to do their own investigation, and look to Egan-Jones to provide quick and understandable summaries or warnings. Still others do not want to log into the site at all and wish to have all reports sent by email. Pages were outfitted with unobtrusive tips to explain terminology to the less advanced clients while not getting in the way of others.

Egan-Jones also collaborated with Higher Media to build web-specific tools that allow clients to work with a customised portfolio and visually plot bonds across industry, sectors, or credit ratings. Customers also have specific control to customize their user prefeneces and set what email alerts they receive.