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Advanced B2B E-Commerce

4 Keys to Successful B2B Sales Portals

Your B2B e-commerce solution requires features beyond those of out-of-the-box consumer-focused shopping cart software. Below we suggest four enhancements to improve the purchase experience for your business customers and boost your online B2B revenues:

  1. Provide your business customers with business-grade buying tools
  2. Stop fighting your turnkey shopping cart; tailor a solution to fit
  3. Integrate your web store with ERP, CRM and other data systems
  4. Segment customers for targeted incentives using advanced web analytics
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Provide Your Business Customers with Business-Grade Buying Tools

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B2B buyers shop very differently from consumers, and you need special tools to meet their needs:

Pricing Tiers by Client
Different pricing tables according to login credentials

Varied Payment Support
via purchase order, line of credit, direct billing, credit card, etc.

Access to Inventory Information
for example, B2B buyers often need to know if you can support the volume of their orders on their schedule

A Faster Buying Process
B2B buyers often make large recurring purchases and don't have time to waste browsing catalog pages

Stop Fighting Your Turnkey Shopping Cart; Tailor a Software Solution to Fit

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Most turnkey e-commerce software is built with the consumer buyer experience in mind. They often lack essential features your B2B buyers are longing for.

Modules Often Hide Costs
You may try to meet those needs by adding on modules and hacking together extensions, but these quickly become cumbersome to use and costly to develop and maintain.

Tailor Turnkey or Go Bespoke
The better return on investment is a custom software solution tailored to the way your B2B clients buy. Cut out all the hoop-jumping for your clients and your staff. You will all be happier. You may earn more business, too.

Integrate Your Web Store with Inventory, Accounting and Marketing Systems

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Integrated systems increase efficiency by eliminating the costs and mistakes of duplicate data entry.

Automate Data Sharing
Your site can automatically share live information with your inventory, shipping, and fulfillment systems, or ERP, CRM and accounting software. Let robots do the paper pushing while you go read to your kids.

Helpful Data Drive Sales
Integration benefits your B2B buyers as well. With access to information about the quantity and timing of your inventory, buyers can purchase with confidence. Your sales team can use valuable CRM analytics to deliver the best incentives to your buyers at the right time.

Segment Customers for Targeted Incentives Using Advanced Web Analytics

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Your web store tracks user behavior. But is it tracking them with a plan on how to move each user forward to repeat purchases and brand loyalty?

Nudge Buyers Onward
With advanced web analytics tied into your marketing and sales plan, you can identify where site visitors are at on their purchase path by their interactions. Once you know where they are, you can deliver offers designed to move them to the next level.

Nudge Online and Offline
You can upsell online, or use your integrated CRM to inform your sales team of who is ready for an off-line nudge, based on their behavior on the site.

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